Why you Need a Photo Booth

  You want to send everyone home from the wedding reception ranting and raving about the fun they had! There's tasty food, great music, and wild dancing. But not everyone loves to kick it on the dance floor all night and you really can only eat so much. So what else is there for a [...]

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Dressing for your Engagement Session

    Everyone wants to look fabulous for their engagement session before the wedding day, but many couples get hung up on or unsure how to dress as the date approaches. If you are total fashionistas, you can disregard most of this guide and break all the rules. But otherwise these tips will help you [...]

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Sample Wedding Day Timelines

    Couples have often seen photographers at their friends weddings, but never had one follow them around for the entirety of their day snapping away. They often reach out to wanting to understand the big picture of how photography will fit into the wedding day. When should they leave time for photos? How much [...]

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The Most Important Question to ask your Wedding Photographer.

Make sure you find the perfect photographer for your special dayWhile planning for your wedding, you will find numerous lists directed at you full of questions to ask during meetings to help you find their ideal photographers. These lists do have value and very likely will help you get started thinking along the right lines to make [...]

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